VMA prioritizes voting, citizenship and Ebola

Dear VMA member,

Last night, your VMA Executive met to go over more than a hundred member responses to our June 2014 survey and what these signal.

Here’s what ensued:

  1. VOTING – Our members agree we must all do a better job of voting on those matters that, as professionals, we can help to decide. This includes, for example, the Doctors of BC bylaws referendum opening later today. Before voting, be sure to consider the protagonists’ rationale!
  2. CITIZENSHIP (local) – An opportunity reached us yesterday courtesy of the Metro Vancouver Alliance. The Alliance has, over the course of the past year, established mixed {faith-based, labour and local community} teams to begin tackling our Lower Mainland’s problems of
    • living wages,
    • housing, and
    • social isolation

    all of which have health implications. As a result, the Alliance values – and is now inviting – the participation of our physicians on their teams. If you may be interested, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to supply further information.

  3. CITIZENSHIP (global) – EBOLA – your Executive passed the following motions:
    • THAT the VMA contribute $5,000 – more than 1/10th of our reserves – for the combating of the current Ebola pandemic, to Medecins Sans Frontieres or an organization recommended by the latter, and
    • THAT the VMA advocate the matching of its contribution by other Canadian medical professional associations.
  4. Special Meeting Tuesday evening, November 4The VMA will be holding a Special Meeting on Tuesday, November 4th at the BCMA Doctors of BC building, 4th floor meeting rooms. Its purpose will be to engage all interested members in the results of the June 2014 survey and next steps:
    • 6:00 pm – Sign-in
    • 6:05 pm – Call to order
    • 7:30 pm (if not earlier) – Adjournment

    I look forward to as many as are interested and willing to come. If you would like to participate but cannot do so in person, email me to see if we can manage a remote connection.

… and don’t forget the VMA Osler DInner, Nov 27

The annual Osler Dinner, as recently reported, is being held Thursday, November 27th at the Point Grey Golf and Country Club. Join us! Fill in and return the Osler Dinner reservation form (online PDF) within the next 10 days.

Sincerely, on behalf of the other members of the VMA Executive (Robert Wakefield, Susan Burgess, Charles Webb, Dennis Bhui and Ernie Kane),

Jim Busser, MD
President, 2014-2016
Vancouver Medical Association