Metro Vancouver Transit Referendum – Vote “Yes”

The Vancouver Medical Association is asking our members to consider voting “Yes” in the 2015 Metro Vancouver Transportation and Transit Plebiscite and to encourage our patients to do the same.

Our Executive met yesterday and determined that supporting the plebiscite by way of a “Yes” vote is important to improving life – and health – in the lower mainland.

Members who did not yet have the chance to explore both sides are asked to first look over

and, at your option, the following videos:

  1. A contemplative video from the Metro Vancouver Alliance – 5 minutes
  2. A cheeky independent video ~ 2 minutes – (warning: raw language)

Last but not least, if you agree on the importance of a “Yes” vote, consider to supply flyers or other promotional material in your patient waiting areas. Have a look at the print-ready PDF developed by the Metro Vancouver Alliance for its suitability.

On behalf of the other members of the VMA Executive (Robert Wakefield, Susan Burgess, Charles Webb, Dennis Bhui and Ernie Kane),

Jim Busser, MD
President, 2014-2016
Vancouver Medical Association