Osler Dinners

Osler Dinner


Sir WIlliam Osler (1849 – 1919) was an eminent Canadian physician of many interests. Osler’s name has been lent to a number of diseases, signs and symptoms, as well as to buildings that have been named for him. Among his greatest contributions was his insistence that students learn not from books alone but from seeing, talking to and examining patients.

In appreciation of Osler’s fine qualities, Section 4 of the VMA’s Bylaws has since 1921 provided that:

The Association shall hold an Annual Osler Dinner. There shall be an oration called the Osler Lecture, delivered each year by a prominent member of the profession, selected by the Executive Committee, to honour the memory of Sir William Osler.

Osler Dinners

Over the years, the dinners have been held at a variety of venues. In years past, in an era when doctors took Wednesdays off, these were black tie events. As society has trended less formal, the event is now a more-relaxed and popular affair. Local physicians seem to have very much enjoyed the opportunity to get together with friends, and to make new acquaintances. The evening is capped by the PIP Awards, followed by the Osler Lecturer. The evening concludes around 9:30 pm.

Osler Lecturers

 2022 October 7th   2024 February 20th
 Dr. Jane Philpott   Right Hon. Justin Trudeau
Hon. Adrian Dix

See below for a complete listing.

Osler Lecturers

*Deceased (Founded 1921)

1921 Dr. W.D. Keith*
1922 Dr. J.M. Pearson*
1923 Dr. G.S. Gordon*
1924 Dr. B.D. Gillies*
1925 Dr. F.J. Brodie*
1926 Dr. E.D. Carder*
1927 Dr. G.E. Seldon*
1928 Dr. C.H. Vrooman*
1929 Dr. H.M. Cunningham*
1930 Dr. J.J. Mason*
1931 Dr. R.E. McKechnie*
1932 Dr. F.P. Patterson*
1933 Dr. G. Campbell*
1934 Dr. J.G. McKay*
1935 Dr. W. Wilson*
1936 Dr. A.W. Hunter*
1937 Dr. W.A. Whitelaw*
1938 Dr. L.A. Appleby*
1939 Dr. J.H. McDermot*
1941 Dr. G.F. Strong*
1943 Dr. D.E.H. Cleveland*
1944 Dr. T.H. Lennie*
1945 Dr. A.H. Spohn*
1946 Dr. A.L. Lynch*
1947 Dr. B.J. Harrison
1948 Dr. E.M. Blair*
1949 Dr. M.M. Baird*
1950 Dr. G. Davidson*
1951 Dr. H.A. DesBrisay*
1952 Dr. E. Trapp*
1953 Dr. H.H. Pitts*
1954 Dr. F.A. Turnbull*
1955 Dr. D.H. Williams*
1956 Dr. J.R. Neilson*
1957 Dr. G. Johnston*
1958 Dr. H.R. Robertson
1959 Dr. J.H. Black*
1960 Dr. D.S. Munroe*
1961 Dr. D.M. Whitelaw*
1962 Dr. A.F. Hardyment*
1963 Dr. P.O. Lehmann*
1964 Dr. F.S. Hobbs*
1965 Dr. M.B. Walters*
1966 Dr. R.B. Kerr*
1967 Dr. J.H. Sturdy*
1968 Dr. F.P. Patterson*
1969 Dr. A.D. McKenzie*
1970 Dr. W.H. Sutherland, Jr.*
1971 Dr. P.G. Ashmore*
1972 Dr. C. Mackenzie*
1973 Dr. F.W.B. Hurlburt*
1974 Dr. P.R. Grantham
1975 Dr. R.G. Wilson*
1976 Dr. J.F. McCreary*
1977 Dr. D. Kavanagh-Gray
1978 Dr. P. Allen
1979 Dr. J. Mallek*
1980 Dr. M.R. Kliman*
1981 Dr. F.N. Rigby
1982 Dr. A.S. Little*
1983 Dr. E.J. Bowmer*
1984 Dr. R.W. Lauener*
1985 Dr. S.C. Naiman
1986 Dr. P.M. Rebbeck
1987 Dr. W.A. Dodd*
1988 Dr. W.B. Chung
1989 Dr. W.A. Webber*
1990 Dr. A.I. Rae
1991 Dr. P.A. Baird
1992 Dr. J.L. Stoller
1993 Dr. G.C. Fraser
1994 Dr. M.J. Hollenberg
1995 Dr. M.D. Schonfeld
1996 Dr. F.C.W. Ho
1997 Dr. D.J. Klaassen
1998 Dr. F.J. Blatherwick
1999 Dr. C.L. Birmingham
2000 Dr. N.A. Buskard*
2001 Dr. B. Day
2002 Dr. G.L. Warnock
2003 Dr. S.B. Sutcliffe
2004 Dr. B.F. Spring
2005 Dr. G.C.E. Stuart
2006 Dr. M.F. Myers
2007 Dr. J.S.G. Montaner
2008 Dr. A. Tcheremenska-Greenhill
2009 Dr. P.J. Newbery
2010 Dr. G W. MacEwan
2011 event cancelled
2012 Dr. Anna Reid
2013 Dr. Jim Warren &
          Dr. Lou Francescutti
2014 Dr. C. Simpson
2016 Dr. G. Avery
2017 Dr. L. Marcoux
2018 Dr. F. Gigi Osler
2019 Dr. S. Buchman
2022 Dr. Jane Philpott
2024 Right Hon. Justin Trudeau & Hon. Adrian Dix

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